Yesterday we played our third battle of Stalingrad campaing in now frozen lands of Soviet Russia. After months of heavy fighting in Stalingrad itself (former city name was Carycyn, modern Wołgograd) Red Army held they position and under general Aleksandr Wasilewski started great operation to release city and destroy German armies in area around. Operation Uranus had been started.

Event is organised in Bolter – many thanks to Rafał from Bolter crew and all participants or who provided models, friends living away from Wrocław, some models came to us from capital of Poland or Czech town Trutnov. Many thanks to Mr Piotr Galik from Semper Fidels – for great prelection before battle started.

We played on two tables were Red Army objective was to overtake German and Hungarian positions on table #1 and Italian and Romanian positions on table #2. On one side were many tanks including famous T-34, KW-1, BA armoured cars and several less know vehicles like T-70 tank. Among attackers were also famous rocket launchers nicknamed ‚Katyusha’.

– it was great battle, altlhough on this front section Germans and they allies held they positions. There is still hope for Axis in Stalingrad to breakthrough Soviet Army positions.
– it was big battle with usually not used heavy tanks and planes. I guess all my KW-1’s would be field only on such events.
– many thanks to everyone involved!