Yesterday I had pleasure to play my first game against Mateusz ‚Podwys’ in Wrocław temple of games – Bolter. It was training before Warsaw Juggernaut tournament – some details about it are here.

Gaz-AA, famous T-34, free infantry squad, HQ, LMG squad, BA-6, M3-White Scout Car with veterans and flamer, another LMG squad. heavy mortar with spotter. Hidden sniper.
Many different things happend.
Politruk Popow and German junior officer felt together fighting across fence.

– there are not many photos of this struggle on eastern front. Some things should stay secret.
– sobber heavy mortar team did that game – first turn they hat SdKfz.250/8 Stummel destroying it, then on second turn it destroyed howitzer – too much luck too me, in addition many Red Army dices were draw before German dices. Both forces well strong lists and were equal and my opponent is really good gamer – hope to play more games with Podwys, competentive and also not – as on events.
– My list is here. Nothing special, just my list. Tried to do is as competentive, as I could, using models I like.

Again I’m trying to be competentive player, something which happend in past during 5th and 6th editions of WFB. Many thanks to my friend Jędrzej!