Today I played with Alessandro our first game in WFB 7th edition. It was interesting games with some rules used to make game playable for weaker armies like Beastmens.

– victory belongs to Alessandro – I losed 1526 points of army and killed 604 points, I guess Dwarfs wone over me by massacre.
– interesting play, wants to play again, first tabletop game in English I played (before I played board games in English).
– first time meet Long Drong Slayer pirates who were playing as Troll Slayers. Now I think, that we should agree for use of mercenacy regiments and allies, as they can give more live to the Old World.
– 2000 points formad need to be tested more with those rules, I got those rules from Davide on FB and translated to English from Italian. Maybe we will add something more and play them – test them.