Twenty three years ago (1997′) I read article about WFB in PC games magazine Gambler and around this I started collecting Bretonnians, who was my first and for around fifteen years my only army. I was young and played Warcraft and WFB was interesting for me. Now Bretonnia is still my favourite army, but I wanted to have few other armies – so here are small cavalry contingent of Empire and Kislev cavalry:
– unit of Knights Panther of Inner Circle from Middenheim, lead by grandmaster Heinrich the Pious.
– unit of Kislev Winged Lancers from town Wrotizla.
– two units of Kislev Ungol riders, one composed of Gospodars and another bigger one from friendly Ungol tribe – who are employed as mercenaries.

With addition of two more small unit’s of pistoliers this army will be highly mobile. In addition there will be two infantry units: spearmens and halberdiers with detachments plus cannon and mortar. In 4th edition there will be also unit of Empire Dwarfs.