General d’Armee – first blood Sobota, Czer 18 2022 

On last Friday finally with Kuba „Karaś” we played first game in General d’Armee. It was discovering something new – we played it first time and limited some special rules like Fog of War which can be really interesting addition to this game when we will know well all basic rules – at first sight all those tables scared me, but after we started everything were more clear.

– thank you Kuba for a game, it’s seems that we will play in it in the future. It was our first game, so I try to think all things I saw during our game play in General d’Armee.
– we played six turns, so it was good game on Friday evening, we started around 19 and finished a little before 22:00.
– thank you Rafał for proposing rulebook for General d’Armee, after some talk how to improve playing in Napoleonic times. I still like Black Powder from Warlord Games, but we should also play system from TooFatLardies studio.
– there will be one more article when I gather my thoughts – as on Friday (17.06) I played first game and on Saturday (18.06) I played another game with Tomek.

Middle Earth: A battle for hidden relic Sobota, Czer 18 2022 

Yesterday we played with Łukasz small game on 500 points per side – we played scenario, where six tokens are placed on the table – one of them is relic. Relic can be found after model get in contact with it and 6 is rolled – then all other tokens are removed from the table.

– it was great game, I won it 11:1 but I was more lucky than usual during our games with Łukasz. Had to paint some Gondor, for some variety of troops.