Today on the Bolt Action evening we played 1,000 games on tournament conditions – there were four of us – me, Jędrzej, Karol and Marek – we played two different games, me on Jędrzej and Karol on Marek – so it was Red Army on Heer and Great Britain on Heer.

Jędrzej and Marek if I’m correct goes to tournament in UK on May and they wanted to play with someone they want play, I agreed and asked Karol if he can too – with Karol we are not tournament players (I was in past in WFB 5-7th editions).

– it was nice to play 1 vs 1 on Jędrzej, we usually play bigger battles in Black Powder, jet we played some WFB game too.
– with Karol we manage to build two nice tables from terrain avaible in Bolter.
– we played scenario from Fortress Budapest – it was to take control over some important things placed on table, in case of my battle with Jędrzej I lost 10 to 5.
– thank you all for game and shop for place to play!