Today with Alessandro and Krzysiek we played Border Patrol on 7th edition of WFB. Alessandro played with band of Orcs & Goblins, Krzysiek with always hungry Ogres and I played noble Bretonnians with many common folk. In something up to three hours we played four games. Today games we played in Planszóweczka in Astra. We played with objective – it was taking church or defend it, but during games no one cared.

– I have cursed rolls for knights armour saves, especially for my enemies.
– we will organize it again, maybe in form of small campaign. Need to look on campaigns from 5th edition, maybe we should draw a map – not sure, never played other campaing than those from „Herohammer” era.
– 500 points is great amount to start playing WFB.
– we used revised rules for Border Patrol done by our friends Remo and Profi. Those rules are in Polish.
– thank you Alessandro and Krzysiek for great games.