We played in Bolter.pl in Wrocław, game in Sharp Practice on 50 points per side. I had three units and Kris had two units. Russia against Germany, battle for some bridge, somewhere in Eastern Europe. It was fast game, maybe it was one hour or one and half hour. I had three groups of Line Infantry under 3 lvl leader, Polish Uhlans with lvl 1 leader and Jagers with leader lvl 2. Kris had also three groups of his elite infantry with 4 lvl leader and skirmishers – not sure about level of leader, but all costs were up to 50 points.

we played interesting game, with larger groups of soldiers under better leaders.
– I did mistake and focused on shooting on large unit, jet I should activate uhlans and jagers different way – to cross river by fords.
– after first shoots infantry should fix bayonnets and charge like did Kris.