Mordheim – a bandits in the temple of Sigmar Sobota, Maj 6 2023 

We played another games in Mordheim. First game was a clash beetwen Dark Elves and Dwarf treasure hunter around Sigmar temple occupied by bandits shooting at closest warband. Seconde game was a struggle of Bretonnians, Dark Elves, Dwarfs and Pirates of Sartosa.

„Hans, I spoted several warbands, coming from differents directions, I can smell Dwarfs, sounds that wine drinkers Bretonnians, roar of something big and maybe Tilean? Karl – let say to everyone to take position and aim crossbows – they will not take us.”
a talk beetwen Hans and Karl, Stirland tax collectors

So we played Warhammer in smaller scale again in a row.

– we tried something new, as four players on one table and it was good. We had to train before we start playing campaign.
– we know we had to do some terrains for this skirmish, old houses or walls from Bolt Action perform well, but we need more.
– I guess I will write some article about how to do warband for Mordheim without selling nerkeys 😉 .

Coming back to Mordheim Czwartek, Kwi 27 2023 

Today with Alessandro we came back to ruined capital of Osternmark and we played three great games in city forgotten by Sigmar.

„I saw a graveyard and big temple around it, Lady told me that there is something important to her, to the king, to Bretonnia – my lord, there is nothing, we looked everywhere and we cannot found anything. Some steps on the street, some more steps and hearable Reikspiel. Etienne came to the Armand: My lord, they are coming!”

– it was great to visit Mordheim again, last time I had only bad memories about last game – facing hardly shooting Kislev with a bear wasn’t great experience with almost empty table without terrains, but it was ten years ago.
– we have plans to play campaign in city of the damned, so yes, along WFB it will be my favourite system in Old World.
– we played in Bolter as almost always we do and today we played next to really popular in Wrocław system Conquest, probably I could step in as I know players, but as I have WFB, Mordheim, Middle Earth SBG, Bolt Action/Chain of Command and Gods of War: Togo, I wouldn’t have time and time is some kind of value we cannot extend unfortunately.