Today with Alessandro we came back to ruined capital of Osternmark and we played three great games in city forgotten by Sigmar.

„I saw a graveyard and big temple around it, Lady told me that there is something important to her, to the king, to Bretonnia – my lord, there is nothing, we looked everywhere and we cannot found anything. Some steps on the street, some more steps and hearable Reikspiel. Etienne came to the Armand: My lord, they are coming!”

– it was great to visit Mordheim again, last time I had only bad memories about last game – facing hardly shooting Kislev with a bear wasn’t great experience with almost empty table without terrains, but it was ten years ago.
– we have plans to play campaign in city of the damned, so yes, along WFB it will be my favourite system in Old World.
– we played in Bolter as almost always we do and today we played next to really popular in Wrocław system Conquest, probably I could step in as I know players, but as I have WFB, Mordheim, Middle Earth SBG, Bolt Action/Chain of Command and Gods of War: Togo, I wouldn’t have time and time is some kind of value we cannot extend unfortunately.