Mordheim – Until the break Piątek, Maj 12 2023 

Today we played three on three game in Mordheim – on one side were allied warbands of Orcs (Alessandro), Skavens (Marian) and Undead (Kuba), on the other side were Averlanders (Maciek), Bretonnians (me) and Dwarf Treasure Hunters (Kuba) warbands.

After drinking at Happy Gallow close to the city gates three leaders agreed, that together they have better chance to clear merchant district from Chaos minions. Morning was really heavy to the Dwarfs who mixed Bugman Ale, Kislev vodka and Bretonnian brandy, but after all they promised on they beards, so they had to wake up. Three bands walked on empty, ruined streets to find evil minions and wyrdstone.”

– today there were six of us, we should slowly start playing campaing, maybe not next week, but we should be closer and closer.
– some of the bands can still be done with actual Games Workshop offer, I had to look on that and probably write about it.
– good side losed, as all our bands were broken at the end of this battle.

Mordheim – a bandits in the temple of Sigmar Sobota, Maj 6 2023 

We played another games in Mordheim. First game was a clash beetwen Dark Elves and Dwarf treasure hunter around Sigmar temple occupied by bandits shooting at closest warband. Seconde game was a struggle of Bretonnians, Dark Elves, Dwarfs and Pirates of Sartosa.

„Hans, I spoted several warbands, coming from differents directions, I can smell Dwarfs, sounds that wine drinkers Bretonnians, roar of something big and maybe Tilean? Karl – let say to everyone to take position and aim crossbows – they will not take us.”
a talk beetwen Hans and Karl, Stirland tax collectors

So we played Warhammer in smaller scale again in a row.

– we tried something new, as four players on one table and it was good. We had to train before we start playing campaign.
– we know we had to do some terrains for this skirmish, old houses or walls from Bolt Action perform well, but we need more.
– I guess I will write some article about how to do warband for Mordheim without selling nerkeys 😉 .