Battle for Festung Breslau – assault from north Czwartek, Kwi 14 2022 

Today with Marian from Maniexite we played alternative history, where Red Army took north of the city of Breslau by fast attack of mechanized troops, took districts Kleczków, Nadodrze, Ołbin – all important bridges in the centre like Bridges: Pomorski, Uniwersytecki, Mieszczańskie, Piaskowe, Pokoju were blown up by brave German defenders – jet for maintain contact with all Grunwaldzki area gorgeus Grunwaldzki Bridge (former Kaiser Wilhelm Bridge) was spared.

Originally Red Army crossed Oder River to the west of Breslau and assaulted from west and south – those areas were heavily destroyed and trace of it is still visible – as Germans were blowing up whole quarters to made they artillery clear field of fire, also Soviet artillery and air bombings did destruction – this was total war.

– it was great game and scenery was part of Wrocław in area of Grunwaldzka (before Wrocław was Wrotizla, Wratislavia, Preslau, Breslau and Wrocław) – we should remember all of people who were living there.
– it was alternative story – as Soviets troops took Festung Breslau from west and south – area of Grunwaldzki and few others never saw street fighting.
– we cheated each other together – so it’s fair for us 🙂 .
– few more games and it will be Marian fully returned to Bolt Action!
– farewell to Planszó in Astra, many great games and many great people I meet there – still they will be avaible as internet shop. Thank you for everything and wish you return stationary as a Fenix!

Bolt Action: Pre-tournament excercises Środa, Mar 16 2022 

Today on the Bolt Action evening we played 1,000 games on tournament conditions – there were four of us – me, Jędrzej, Karol and Marek – we played two different games, me on Jędrzej and Karol on Marek – so it was Red Army on Heer and Great Britain on Heer.

Jędrzej and Marek if I’m correct goes to tournament in UK on May and they wanted to play with someone they want play, I agreed and asked Karol if he can too – with Karol we are not tournament players (I was in past in WFB 5-7th editions).

– it was nice to play 1 vs 1 on Jędrzej, we usually play bigger battles in Black Powder, jet we played some WFB game too.
– with Karol we manage to build two nice tables from terrain avaible in Bolter.
– we played scenario from Fortress Budapest – it was to take control over some important things placed on table, in case of my battle with Jędrzej I lost 10 to 5.
– thank you all for game and shop for place to play!

Bolt Action: Making bridgehead Sobota, Mar 12 2022 

Yesterday we played in, Wrocław, PL game on 2000 points per side – I with Franek played on Red Army side and Karol played Germans, we were supported by Krisu at some point of the game to the end of it.

On table were four objectives and bridge – each objective was worth one dice – main objective – river crossing was our target – side with most soldiers up to 10″ could take bridge.

– another interesting scenario we played last time and I think it’s the best way to play games,
– during game KV-1 and Panther tanks were destroyed, there were many lost soldiers on Soviet side, Germans loses were much smaller.
– Franek – next time do your rosteer sheet – it’s easy with Easy Army.
– my mortar was really good with hitting Karols infantry – I guess did biggest casultaties.
– thank you all for game, wish more – unfortunately next Friday or two of them I will be off as I have some work related duties.

Bolt Action: Convoy on the way Piątek, Mar 4 2022 

Today we played a game where were two sides – attackers and defenders and convoy of truck which was main objective – for one side to defend it and to the other to destroy. Each truck was worth four order dices in case of counting victory – for attacking side for destroying each, for defenders side for moving them from one side of board to another,

On attacker side were my Finns and Franek’s Soviet Union, on defenders side were Kriss Australians and Karol’s Germans. Each player had 750 points platoon.

– the Australians and Germans won this battle, all trucks survived but non left the road.
– I losed my Sturmi antitank gun when it started duel with German Panther.
– the bravest man was from Kriss scouts, fighting bravely in bulding in the middle.

Bolt Action: Air bridge to besieged Budapest Czwartek, Lu 24 2022 

Yesterday evening, on Thurdsay 23 we played last battle in our Budapest campaign – we used scenario supply drop where Germany tried to supply they and they ally soldiers with equipment and food by air.

We played in Wrocław, Poland in Bolter.

– it was much better than last time, unfortunately our side losed, so Budapest stand free for some more time.
– thanks for everyone for this event.

I love this Russian song.

Bolt Action: Into the city, siege of Budapest Czwartek, Lu 17 2022 

Yesterday we played another game representing siege of Budapest – after initial fail with getting into the city in previous scenario, Red Army finally reached outskirts of the city and prepared assault on the city itself.

– one more game and we will learn more, thank you guys Rafał from, our enemies from Germans&Hungarians side: Daniel, Karol, Kuba, Maciej and our side: Franek, Krzysiu and Łukasz. Thank you all for game!
– it was German and Hungarians victory(*).
– at least we destroyed Panther and Puma from vehicles.

Pola Raksa – polish actress.

Bolt Action: A road to Budapest Środa, Lu 9 2022 

Today we started Budapest campaign where Red Army attempted to take capital of Hungary from march. On they way stood German panzers from feline family, famous Tigers I, Konigtigers and the best of them – Panthers. We played in Bolter in company of good comrades – thank you Ostrów for coming to us.

– thank you guys for great game!
– especially people responsible for Order Dices – I always forget at some moment about them 😉 .
– as better is always enemy of good, I will think what we can improve during such epic games.

Bolt Action: Winter War #3 Czwartek, Sty 6 2022 

Today we played last game of our campaing during Winter War. We played in, under sponsorship of IPN. Official post about this event is on IPN profile here.

– forces weren’t balanced, one KV-1 did most work on flanking Finns near village,
– the most powerful gun used by Finns was great 37 mm Bofors, unhapilly doesn’t destroyed anything,
– game was good, still we should find balance – for me most of Soviets should be inexperienced and Finns should be regular or veterans,
IPN was again sponsor, so I’m glad, that they are there and hope to see them again.

Bolt Action: Talvisota #2 – fighting pockets Środa, Gru 15 2021 

Today we played second game in our Winter War campaing of 1939′ – Soviet troops were advancing into Finnland, but brave Finns were preparing ambush – Soviet troops were separated in several pockets called in Finish „motti”. Yes, you can see there one big beast – KV-1 tank – along prototypes single tank was used for tests.

Main target for Red Army was to free they units from pockets and go from one side of the table to the other along heavily forested road. Soviet tanks in pockets have fuel issues, the trucks are objectives to be destroyed by Finns.

Our sponsor is Institute of National Remembrance called shortly IPN (Instytut Pamięci Narodowej).

We played in Bolter, Wrocław, Poland – we are open to play with ppl who speak English – Germans, Russians, Czechs and everyone generally 😉 . I invited my Russian friend, but he was invited by his colleagues to a bowl.

– after all it was great to find common sense in playing again Bolt Action, as it’s really great game from Warlord Games, especially playing such events.
– for me we should remember soldiers of both sides, all the time I think that most of them could be a friends in normal times, of course we should remember who was invader and why.
– link to KV-1 I will add tomorrow.

Bolt Action: Talvisota – Winter War #1 Środa, Gru 8 2021 

Today in Bolter, Wrocław, PL we played first scenario covering Winter War, when Soviet Union invaded small but brave land of Finns. IPN (Instytut Pamięci Narodowej in eng. Institute of National Remembrance) took patronage over this event – here is they Wrocław page.

After taking before half of Poland IInd Republic along with Nazi Germany and Slovakia, Soviet Union turn they eyes onto Finland – sparsely populated and heavily forested country which border was 30 kilometers from Leningrad (all the time Sankt Petersburg), too close for Soviet officials – more about it here: Winter War 1939-1940.

– it was interesting battle and as part of campaing will be continued.
– Finns held Soviet advance destroying most of the vehicles.
– first game in Bolt Action for a long time of absence.
– Hope that next time will remember all names of co-players.

Some great links about Finns:
Some photos:
Something about use experimental tanks by Red Army:

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