This is first time I managed to paint model – last time it was on the beginning on March 2022 – so my Red Army need some more reinforcement from pile of shame before Stalingrad campaign will start on December. So 45 mm light anti-tank gun M1937 (53-K) joined ranks of my Soviet Russia force. Model came from Warlord Games – I bought it several years ago and forgot that I own it unpacked. Anyway, it’s finished and more soldiers got new coat or even were assembled and be painted in a days.

I used different paints from Vallejo (Spray – Infantry Colour Russian Uniform, Spray – Colour Russian Green for gun) and Games Workshops (Kislev Flesh for skin with Reikland Fleshshade, Abandon Black, Administratorum Grey, Nuln Oil, Base Leadbelcher, XV-88 and Contrast Fleash Tearers Red) plus stuff recommended to me by Rafał – debris from Juneewela and texture from Scale75.

Hope to show more soon as December is coming soon.

To be sure it’s not end of this blog – I just reached extended limit and think what to do with increasing it – 13 GB was a lot of place, but I occupied them as fast in last few years, as I occupied unused desks im my former work 😀 . Maybe I will reduce some really old stuff to get some place. Stuff from bigger events and great terrains will be also presented here – on another instance I created