Today I played my first game in Black Powder and first game in Bolter shop. We played three on three in scenario when main object is to secure and held monastery. As I don’t have too many painted Russians I used borrowed models plus my only painted battalion with command group. It was interesting game. I played with Damian (Portuguese) and Rafał (British) vs Adam (Vistula Legion), Marian and Mikołaj (French).

– nice return to Napoleonic era. I guess it could be good idea to read about those times and units.
– game written by Rick Priestley and Jerwish Johnson cannot be bad and is really nice, a little bit different to games I know.
– shame on my, that my army is not painted with exception of commander, infantry batallion and two cannons. Need to finish some WFB and go back to Black Powder.
– hopefully it’s not last game. We played this game in Wrocław, Lower Silesia – there is group on Facebook – Wrocławscy Bonapartyści.
– my first game in Bolter, first game in Black Powder. List of nice places to play in Wrocław extended – as I like all time to play in (I returned to playing by ordering from them WFB/Bolt Action before AoS started) and in Aga and Ada, I hope to return to Bolter, at least to play and learn Black Powder.