We played another games in Mordheim. First game was a clash beetwen Dark Elves and Dwarf treasure hunter around Sigmar temple occupied by bandits shooting at closest warband. Seconde game was a struggle of Bretonnians, Dark Elves, Dwarfs and Pirates of Sartosa.

„Hans, I spoted several warbands, coming from differents directions, I can smell Dwarfs, sounds that wine drinkers Bretonnians, roar of something big and maybe Tilean? Karl – let say to everyone to take position and aim crossbows – they will not take us.”
a talk beetwen Hans and Karl, Stirland tax collectors

So we played Warhammer in smaller scale again in a row.

– we tried something new, as four players on one table and it was good. We had to train before we start playing campaign.
– we know we had to do some terrains for this skirmish, old houses or walls from Bolt Action perform well, but we need more.
– I guess I will write some article about how to do warband for Mordheim without selling nerkeys 😉 .