On 7.08.2021 I participated in Dragon – event organized by friends from Gdynia in nearby town Rumia – norther Poland, are of Trójmiasto (Gdynia, Sopot, Gdańsk). We played on 1250 points, with all rules avaible for 6th edition (like Kislev Allied Contingent under 2,000 army lists from White Dwarfs etc.). It was worth to go out from safe zone of Wrocław and spend five and half hour in train to Gdynia – unhapilly there are no personal teleports – I wish one to Moscow and another one for such events 😉 .

– it was interesting to participate in such large event in so called „death system” – that system in reality never died and Dragon is a proof of it.

– there were many players from Trójmiasto and area, many Warsowians. Not sure about other cities.
– I was the only one from Wrocław – hope that next year more of us will come here.
– it was interesting to talk with many other players, wish to remember all your names next time.
– at the end Paweł organized after party in really interesting place hidden behind modern buildings – it was somekind of inn which survived in the middle of concrete. We talked there with some part of Warsowians mainly about WFB but also about other systems or history.
-many thanks for all drivers who really helped me in getting to Rumia and back and go to my hotel after party.