Today I played first game in Lord of the Rings with Łukasz as my mentor – we played scenario with five tokens on the board which should be secured – I guess they were some ancient tombs as Death of Dunharrow came to defend them against evil servants of Sauron. It was my first game and I know I want to play more. I’m still don’t remember most of things, but with following games it will be better and better.

Thanks for master Tolkien for writing whole universum of Middle-Earth – I read Lord of the Rings trilogy three times – now is time to read it in English. Hobbit in English was good experience (not sure when I have my original of this great book). Silmarillion and Unfinished Stories were also master pieces. Thanks to Peter Jackson for great movies – I will stay with those works and will not touch any new productions, which are politically correct – I’m not.

– thank you Łukasz for first game, I know we need to play another game 😉 .