Today I played on one side with Łukasz playing Soviets, on the other side were Sławek with Germans. With Łukasz our platoons had 2,000 of points and Sławek as defender had 1,500 points – it was test, as usually in reality attackers overhelmed defenders with numbers. The main objectives was to have control over bridge and/or two fords – both fords in points were equal to bridge. In addition Germans could blow up bridge, but no one would earn points for it.

As Soviet military intelligence reported area was full of retreating Germans unit, so assault started in the morning without artillery barrage.

– thank you Łukasz and Sławek for great game. Thanks to for terrains and table to play.
– I’m pretty sure that assaulting troops should have more points than defenders.
– it looks like German victory as there were more German troops in area of bridge and fords.