Yesterday we played in, Wrocław, PL game on 2000 points per side – I with Franek played on Red Army side and Karol played Germans, we were supported by Krisu at some point of the game to the end of it.

On table were four objectives and bridge – each objective was worth one dice – main objective – river crossing was our target – side with most soldiers up to 10″ could take bridge.

– another interesting scenario we played last time and I think it’s the best way to play games,
– during game KV-1 and Panther tanks were destroyed, there were many lost soldiers on Soviet side, Germans loses were much smaller.
– Franek – next time do your rosteer sheet – it’s easy with Easy Army.
– my mortar was really good with hitting Karols infantry – I guess did biggest casultaties.
– thank you all for game, wish more – unfortunately next Friday or two of them I will be off as I have some work related duties.