Today with Alessandro we played in Bolter battle for 1500 points per side – I took my first army I ever started on 1997′ and my „enemy” took also old Orc&Goblin army. Compositions of armies were:

– 8 Knights of the Realm with Banner of Chalons (full command group) lead by paladin baron Roger (Morning Star of Fracasse and Virtue of Noble Disdain),
– 16 archers (full command group),
– 5 mounted squires,
– 3 pegasus knights (musician),
– 7 Grail Knights with Banner of Defence (full command group) lead by paladin duc Tancred (Grail Vow, Lance of Artois, Virtue of Confidence), Melisanda damsel of the Lady lvl 2 (2x Dispel Scroll),
– battle standard bearer Louis (Grail Vow, Sword of Might, Gromril Great Helm).

– 2 units of 29x Night Goblins (including night goblin fanatic – each 3 of them),
– 3 units of 5x goblin wolf riders,
– 5 Savage Orc Boar Boys,
– 9 Orc Boar Boys Big Uns with magic banner (full command group) lead by unknown black orc big boss (with magic weapon and enchanted item),
– Orc Chariot.
– 2 goblin shamans – both had two scrolls and one had arcane item (one of them was on wolf).

– we had score of 1110 for me and 1125 for Alessandro – but it could be more by (I guess that Grail Knights wouldn’t held orc boar boys) 654. So it was good victory for Greenskins – generally still it was great game for me (bloodbath).
– Immune to Psychology – unit will not flee from enemy charge (first time fled – shame on me, now I have to build Grail Chapel for the such shame thing I did, we both forgot about this rule).
– at least one more lesson taken by mistake.