Last Saturday as WROHammer we organised Warhammer Fantasy Battle 7th edition event in, Wrocław, Poland. From my perspective first time with help of friends I organized event related to hobby I’m playing around 25 years – I’ve been organizer of after work beers only. With Marian we wanted to organize WROHammer two years ago, but pandemy destroyed our plans at least not forever. I returned to our plans after Archie wrote me message after seeing my post on – Warhammer Fantasy Battle 7th edition. Generally I wrote something, that why not meet and play with people from neighbour country? With example that Wrocław is not far away to Berlin or Prague. To make event even greater, I started looking for sponsors and place.

Our sponsors were:
Arbooz (read below)
Micro Art Studio
Paint Forge
Tereny do Gier

Arbooz has in offer following great stuff: Craft Toolbox, Gamers Grass, Roubloff.

I want to thank sponsors for great prizes and to our host which was Bolter – we thanks for many great tables with beautiful scenery and also for many help from Piotr! I want to thank to Alessandro – for best eye in case of checking army lists, to Marian – for patience in case of adding new sponsors to our diploma, to Remo for help in things I never did and for everyone who attend our event – we played in group of British, Czechs, Italian and Poles. It was great to meet you all on our event!

We had good time on Friday, where our friends from Czech Republic and friend from Gdynia arrived – we just went for some beers and food in Wrocławska restaurant – which is close to Rynek. On Saturday we played all day, then we went for some after party to Cafe Artzat also close to Rynek. WROHammer 4th edition will happen in the future, yet at the end I was tired a little – still it was worth of it. There are a lot of photos from Marian here.