Happy New 2022 Year friends! Sobota, Sty 15 2022 

I realized, that it’s late but still I want to summary fucked plandemic 2021 and wish you all great 2022, wish end of plandemy of fear and return to our own lifes as it was in 2019 and at the start of 2020!

After several lockdowns I returned to playing many things like WFB, enjoyed playing Black Powder, found great ppl playing Bolt Action, had many great battles in Sharp Practice with Krissu.

Projects I have:
– Polish Semptember Army – 1939′ – all in prime,
– Polish Home Army – for Warsaw Uprising 1944′,

– Middle Earth – army of Dunharrow almost finished, some Rohan and Mordor to be painted in the future,
– Fallout, Wasteland Warfare – few bands,
– Russians for Napoleonic wars – Don Cossacks regiment and Dragoon regiment, few infantry battalions,
– Bretonnians and Empire with Kislev – to finish some more, to start Lizardmen army for Marian from Maniexite as he want’s to play my Lizardmen army 🙂 .

First years of plandemy made me even more lazy than before, second was even worse.


WFB 7th: Bretonnians vs Greenskins on 2250 pts. Sobota, Sty 15 2022 

Today we played a game on 2250 points with Alessandro. It was horrible defeat of my new Bretonnian roster sheet.

– it was great battle, I’m learning new army list.
– Alessandro magic was powerful, my counter wasn’t.
– need to do something with mess in room, as models are everywhere.
– thank you Alessandro, WROHammer vol.3 in only three weeks.