Hi friends!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas because God was born – in Polish it’s Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia. We live in different countries and are of different nationalities, but this is something in common for many people around the world – as Europeans are living on all the continents (both Americas, Australia, New Zealand) and we share the same Latin and Greek traditions, not to forget Ethiopians and Christians among Afro-Americans, Asians (my belowed Philippines). We are split beetwen different Christian churches – Catholic, Orthodox (they celebrates them later), Protestants and others. Some of us are atheists or agnostics or others ( I believe that God left us and he will came back), still celebrating those family Christmas.

As Christmas is typically Christian (not winter holidays as some notable people said) – I want to wish everyone happiness, health, normality, peace and wealth for every human on the Earth – for fellow Christians, Jews, Muslims, people of „The Book”, to Hinduists, Taoists, Zoroastrianists, Pagans and every other religion I might have missed! I wish everything the best for atheists!

I wish peace for Ukraine, for Persia, for Palestinians, for ppl in African countries, for all people normality from time before plandemy! I wish also normality beetwen Poland and Bialorussia and Russia – as I have Bialorussian and Russian friends and both countries can grown having normal contacts – trade, exhange, culture, traveling – my heart is warm to eastern nations!

For fellow gamers I wish painted armies, good games and international contacts!

The most beautiful Polish Christmas carol, wrote by Franciszek Karpiński, sponsored by Elżbieta Lubomirska – Polish noblewomen. This Christmas carol was created, when Commonwealth was over, divided beetwen three powerful neighbours, but will of Poles to have they country remained and she reborn 123 years later.

Germanic Christmas, my grandmother Eleonora I never meet was Austrian or German – dispute about her is a struggle beetwen my dad and his sister, anyway wish Austrians and Germans normality in they countries! Thank you Janika Gross for recommending this song 🙂 .

Russia – I have many friends who are Russians and to one I losed my heart or mind (she lives in Moscow) – wish normality for Poles and Russians beetwen our countries! Thank you Egor!