Today in Bolter, Wrocław, PL we played first scenario covering Winter War, when Soviet Union invaded small but brave land of Finns. IPN (Instytut Pamięci Narodowej in eng. Institute of National Remembrance) took patronage over this event – here is they Wrocław page.

After taking before half of Poland IInd Republic along with Nazi Germany and Slovakia, Soviet Union turn they eyes onto Finland – sparsely populated and heavily forested country which border was 30 kilometers from Leningrad (all the time Sankt Petersburg), too close for Soviet officials – more about it here: Winter War 1939-1940.

– it was interesting battle and as part of campaing will be continued.
– Finns held Soviet advance destroying most of the vehicles.
– first game in Bolt Action for a long time of absence.
– Hope that next time will remember all names of co-players.

Some great links about Finns:
Some photos:
Something about use experimental tanks by Red Army: