Many, many years ago (exactly 75) – soldiers of Home Army (Armia Krajowa), NSZ (Narodowe Siły Zbrojne) plus many other smaller formations (including communists) started Uprising against German occupation in our capital Warsaw. On Polish side fought also people from other nations including Slovaks, Georgians, Russians, French, Alzatian, Jews, but there were also few German deserters and one black jazzman named August Browne. We should remember also Hungarians – Germans feared that they can switch side to Polish, so they moved out them from area of Warsaw.

Germans responded with organizing special battle group to eliminate freedom fighters – there were Germans and collabolators from eastern European countries – most brutal against Polish civilians and not effective against underground army – like RONA or Dirlewanger brigade. Generally in every nation are group of people that can be potential predators.

I will not write there what I think about leaders of Home Army who started Uprising, will not write about Stalin who stopped Russian soldiers. I wrote that because I think that we should remember brave girls and boys of Home Army and other formations, citizens of Warsaw – many of them paid biggest price – life – almost 200,000 ppl were killed, murdered, Warsaw culture centre of Poland was totally destroyed.

W hour behind me (it was 17:00 in 01.08.1944).


Is it about hate? No, it’s about memory of ppl, who lived and fought for what they loved and paid biggest prize. Those young people shouldn’t be foes, they should go to a pub, drink beer, enjoy board games, know each other. People should be friends and Germans, Poles, Russians or Ukrainians and many more nations are not from different planets – we share the same values – where is a problem? I admire national countries, different cuisines, different culture, languages but this war was so cruel, that I’m not sure why? Why people can be so evil? So this is not about Bolt Action, not about political things, just memory.