Today, 01.04 in Bolter, Wrocław we played tournament organized by Marian on 1,000 points – with Legendary Legions – at least I had opportunity to paint my Three Hunters – Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas which I did yesterday. Reassembling Aragorn without instruction yesterday was my greatest success anyway.

I’m still learning game and I know that Dunharrow is not army for tournaments, but maybe I will discover how to play it on tournaments. Anyway good time spend there, all game were great with Wojtek, Jan and Piotrek. So it begun somewhere in the Middle Earth.

Wrocław Master is here. I’m not sure, but probably there are some places to be enlisted.

– thank you to Marian as organizer and Piotrek from Bolter.
– three great games, not a winner, jet I want to come back.
– still do mistakes, I’m glad that I play with great people who helps me in things I don’t know.
– I guess I could be journalist, as I write what I’m thinking. My life should be much shorter 😉 .
– wish everyone great weekend and wish peace, just peace!