Today with Alessandro we played in 7th edition of WFB – it was a struggle beetwen loyal allies Empire and Kislev and horde of greenskins from east. We played on 2250 points. We played pitched battle, bloody one.

– first turn Alessandro losed his shaman for a miscast, then in following turns I losed both of my own wizards.
– Steam Tank took 8 wounds from Giant on turn 3 or 4, anyway, I tried to play offensive.
– I know that it was stupid to take banner into light cavalry, but I love model.
– generally both sides losed so much, we didn’t count, probably something beetwen Draw to Minor Victory.
– to be sure, if you live in Wrocław or want to come there, we can play with you in WFB – we play Italian-Polish games – but we want’s there everyone who wants to play!

I wouldn listen to my Polish language or German – as it is there, or Russian – I love how those languages sounds.